UNBELIEVABLE—Tom Cotton Launches Television Ads Exposing Joe Biden’s Chinese Corruption, As Coronavirus Crisis Rages


Sen Tom Cotton Launches Television Ads Exposing Joe Biden’s Chinese Corruption, As Coronavirus Crisis Rages a new television ad airing in Ohio ahead of next week’s presidential primaries in the state, ripping former Vice President Joe Biden for his ties to and corruption with regard to the Chinese Communist government in Beijing.

This one of the most vicious hits on Biden and his family’s corruption and deep ties to the Chinese Communist regime in Beijing. It also comes in the wake of a Cotton op-ed in the National Review where the senator goes after Biden on this:

They run concentration camps,” a narrator says of the Communist Party of China at the open of the ad as an on-screen image of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping appears with a quotation from a Washington Post editorial in February that noted China has corralled at least a million people into camps.

They force the abortion of millions of babies, the narrator continues as the background image changes to an Asian woman with a quotation from a 2016 National Public Radio (NPR) article that notes China’s One-Child Policy” has led to government-forced abortions.

They have brutally cracked down on protesters, the narrator says next, as images of the Hong Kong protesters the Communist regime in Beijing has targeted are shown on-screen.

“They hack America’s networks,” the narrator reads after that, as a headline from February from the Associated Press that noted the “Chinese Military Stole Masses of Americans’ Data” flashes across the screen.

They have stolen millions of our jobs,” the narrator says next, as a January headline from CNBC noting the Chinese trade deficit has cost Americans at least 3.7 million jobs is shown.

Next, images of Chinese military officials marching are shown, as the narrator and on-screen text makes clear that “China is the greatest threat to America’s security and our values.

Then images of Joe Biden walking with Xi Jinping are shown, as the narrator notes that career politician Joe Biden is weak on China.


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